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​Business development CASE STUDY for



kitchen & wardrobe Manufacturers

By Go Modular India


  • Identify a Potential Business Model

  • Brand Awareness

  • Implementing Franchise Model


  • Limited growth as a Trading company

  • Lack of Digital presence

  • Disorganized business structure


  • Young and dynamic Leadership

  • Loyal employee

  • Ready to explore


  • Sole distributor of a renowned Italian brand

  • 6 Display Galleries in one year

  • Implementation of CRM Strategy

  • Brand Recognition

  • Stabilizing employee attrition



It all begins with a Story!

Starting from discovering by research, analysis, and brainstorming, till we develop a ‘Unique Story’, we follow optimized processes and practices which we keep on improving throughout our journey with each phase of the project.​

  • Contenting

  • Logo

  • Collateral

Brand Story :

This was the most challenging part of this project. We spent days and night to design this three words that portray the entire brand story.

A decision made after deep thoughts and insights is more likely to be accurate. We may not be loud in the market to attract your first thought, but once you compare, analyze and take a deep dive, you will surely find us in your second thought and your second thought is more likely to be logical and sensible. This was our perception behind the tagline "Your second thought..."


What matters the most is, 'what'?

We decided to communicate our strength, our human resources.

We portrayed our Designers, Craftsmen, and Artisans in words and visuals. 

  • E Banner

  • Brand Film

  • Testimonial

  • Promotional Advert 

  • Hoarding 

Anchor 1
Anchor 2

Brand Film

Three different versions of an 8 min brand video that emphasizes the core values of the organization

and the unique specialty of its product (service).


8 sets of testimonials (genuine and raw) to connect with the diversified target audience.

High definition videos and photographs to elevate the brand's credibility and authenticity. 


Lumba Reloaded!

We restructured the entire sales process, the approach strategy,

supported by an overnight digital make over.

  • Presentation

  • Start-up Kit

  • Sales Pitch

  • Digital Presence

Anchor 3

Shade card

Of it's a kind of shade card case. 

Because your first impression matters the most.

Digital Presence

A pro-active website designed with a context of encouraging customer engagement and cross-branding.


Product Training

Regular product training ensured seamless execution and effective management.


Training presents a prime opportunity to expand the knowledge base of all employees.

Despite the stress of the positive sales, we managed to conduct training and engagement programs for the employees throughout the year.

Anchor 4

Blended learning 

Blended Learning is the effective combination of practical learning and classroom learning.

We opted for a cost-effective training methodology and focused more on a natural ambiance which eventually played a vital role in strengthening team bonding

  • Improved employee performance

  • Improved employee satisfaction and morale 

  • ​Addressing weakness

  • Increased innovation in new strategies and products


Why spend if it can happen for FREE!

We involved everyone. Our target audience – everyone who works with, lives near or is somehow connected to our target market.

  • Collaboration

  • Public Event

  • Employee Advocacy

  • Social Activity

Anchor 5

Campaign for Dealers

'Dilwalo ki Diwali' - Dear dealers, thank you for being with LUMBA all these years. 

Offline Event

Associate partner in FOB.

The future of 'Real Estate'. Go Modular!


Digital influencers sharing their

insights on the Brand Lumba

For Home Makers

A social event encouraging the working woman community of Mumbai

Awards  & Recognition

Employee engagement program and 'Digital Star' monthly award keep the enthusiasm high.


Lumba- Go International

Lumba explored its ability to influence and lead change. Collaboration with an internationally renowned Italian company backed Lumba's aspiration to fly high.

Anchor 6


LUMBA is an exclusive distributor of SIGE- Proline series in India.

This empowered Lumba to thrive the market.


From Nowhere to RIGHT HERE!

We believe it's necessary to show tangible and measurable results by the end of the year.

Anchor 7


Vasai- Thane- Ghatkopar- Bhiwandi- Andheri - Bhandup

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